Agile and philosophy

  • Traditional project management has threatening feedback loops and is deterministic, a poor choice in variable scope and terrain.
  • Developers should have a clear line of feedback and know immediate customers.
  • Agile code bases should be easy to read, not just satisfying requirements.
  • Breadth is equally important as depth, and as such no features should be entirely complete until all have been addressed and prioritized.
  • Poorly executed feedback loops contribute to the statistic that only 34% of customer expectations are met, this is due to mutual assumption.
  • A study of misunderstanding of asked a group of 40 people to count the number of points in a star. 25 said 10, 7 said 5 and 8 said others.
  • Beware of local optimisation as they tend to cause the organisation to suffer, ie QA.
  • Given a test setup. When something is different. Then make an assertion.
  • Working software is far more relateable than requirements documentation.
  • Well structured problems have one correct solution and a preferred approach.
  • Communication issues within a team can have staggering cumulative effects. It should be face to face as every translation distorts the meaning and magnifies inaccuracies.
  • Lean and agile teaches us to find constraints and alleviate them to reduce bottlenecks in the process.
  • Discussing constraints rather than options helps to defer decisions to the last responsible moment.
  • When working in a team, effective feedback is better expressed as a list of constraints these will help to produce ideas which fit the list of constraints.
  • Development is service not a product.
  • Experimentation should be balanced with deliberation and review.
  • Software usability is as important as Developer Usability.
  • Beware of custom tools.
  • Do NOT automate evolving processes.


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