Coding philosophy

  • T4 Templates are invaluable for aiding in the maintenance of POCO.
  • nHibernate is the most flexible ORM.
  • When mocking avoid the system under test as its dependancies are the relevant parts to mock.
  • moq is less verbose than rhine mocks and in turn more readable.
  • Readability is the quickest route to learning, process does not aid learning.
  • Efforts should be taken to be aware of common language which form anchors in later discussion aiding clarity and understanding.
  • Early optimisation is the root of all evil
  • Optimisation is very different from readability
  • Anxiety is a useful development tool, its allows us to wear the black hat of risk management at many scopes without deliberation
  • Shared code ownership is economically necessary.
  • A punch list consists of necessary features and defects.
  • Documentation describes what happens not how it happens, it should use language ubiquitous to customers and developers.
  • Domain specific language is akin to ubiquitous language
  • Keep changes small batched and working.
  • Reverse engineering is the most costly form of engineering and is the same as testing after the fact.
  • Avoid ever calling the database inside of a loop

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