Some recommended reading from an old friend

 MVC: – This has some learning resources half way down the page which are good starting blocks. – This is a example MVC .NET C# that was put together by the people that made the ASP.NET MVC framework – Best practices. – Best practices.

View Models

Action Filters




Refactoring – “Red, Green, Refactor”


Continuous Integration – Outline a good description of the different types of testing we carry out. – BDD

Entity Framework– EF short training video. Not we have done “Schema First” not “Code First”. Explains and demonstrates a little about LINQ.

Repository pattern & Unit or work: – Good diagram and walkthrough in Visual studio

POCO – (You may know POJO ?) –

SOLID Principles – Fun blog with some good pictures to illustrate the points.

Agile – Simple steps to remember.

Pair Programming

Useful Blogs – Good ASP.NET MVC references with also good knowledge of Entity Framework. – ASP.NET MVC – General programming ideas, tools and patterns. – Agile ideas. – Extreme Programming principles – Agile, TDD, testing, BDD.

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