“If a Scrum/XP team adopts pair programming…
and everyone should be able to pick up anything…
and anyone should be able to test or fix the build…

does that mean there is no longer a need for team lead? tech lead?”

“…every Agile/Scrum team I’ve been on has had “leaders” that fill the roles of project or tech lead. In my mind, the advantage of agile is not to normalize the team to a bunch of equals, but to reduce the distance between the outliers. Keeping some diversity in the team is critical to team wisdom (read Wisdom of Crowds).”


On a team where anyone can doing anything with confidence, we still have leaders; however, they are leaders in the truest sense: the followers choose them, rather than authority figures appointing them. Not only that, we don’t need a (lone) technical lead. Instead, we have people who lead decision making in each important technical aspect of the project. Replace “technical” with each other adjective that matters on your team and you get the idea.

I use the term “leader” to refer to a person whose actions influence other peoples’ actions. I would prefer not to use that term to refer to a management-appointed potential scapegoat. (I exaggerate for humorous effect, but not by much.)


  • This concept is seen as a long-term concept to live and work and therefore has the potential to influence the society in a positive way.[10]
  • The exemplary treatment of employees leads to an excellent treatment of customers by employees of the company and a high loyalty of the customers.
  • There is a high employee identification with the enterprise.
  • An excellent corporate culture is developed.
  • Leaders of a company define themselves by their significance to the people.
  • Servant Leadership can be used as a principle to improve the return on investment of staff, in all economic sectors. Managers who empower and respect their staff get better performance in return.[11][12]


  • The many characteristics of a servant leader may seem excessive.There are only a few leaders who can fulfil these attributes.
  • Servant Leadership is seen as a long-term application and therefore needs time for applying.


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